Last minute wrapping idea

happy . Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays. magny
Watercolour flowers

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season! I love giving a present wrapped in a unique and personal way. If you’re like me you often wait until the last minute to buy gifts and then you got to hurry to do your beautiful fun or cool wrapping.

Is near to Christmas and I am trying to change my habits, for the last few days I have been focused on finding presents. My inspiration for wrapping this year came from the art school for kids where I teach. Last spring we made over 400 watercolour flowers that we pinned up on the wall and it was absolutely spectacular.

They are absolutely beautiful but they were put away before the summer. Luckily I found them in a box about a week ago. It hit me then that they be perfect for name tags.


Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays

And I love wrapping and trying out something new every year.

Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays


Last minute wrapping idea. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysThis is the inspiration for the name tag flowers. They are all  made by kids from the art school in my home town.
navne lapp, Last minute wrapping idea. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysIMG_6224Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysLast minute wrapping idea Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays

Have fun wrapping and Happy Holidays!

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Advent calendar


advent calendar DIY,https://magnyblog.wordpress.
Time flies and December is here again. The children are getting excited and we want to help them to count down to christmas.

I dont know exactly when it started but in Europe we have made advent calendars for our children for at least 100 years.

When my daughter was three, I made this advent calendar so that she would have something small to open every day. Now she is nearly 17 and she still loves it so much she won’t let me stop this tradition.

I love it too and I don`t want it so stop, but I know she will grow out of it very soon. I love that we still have this connection, I’m sure I’m not the first parent who is thinking the same.

What you need:

  • Printed collage sheet/Amazon
  • Cuttings from glossy magazines
  •  a wooden board
  • varnish
  • paint (I used brown, but it could be green or red for christmas)
  • 24 Curtain screws

I went to a carpenter to get the wooden board cut to the special shape that I wanted, but the shape is not the most important aspect.

Ones you have a board, this is how to turn it into an advent calendar.:

  1. Paint the wooden board (you can use hardware store swatches or left over paint).
  2. Choose the title and cut out letters from fashion magazines. (my title is “Angel Kids” in english)
  3.  Mark the place for the hooks for the 24 little gifts on the board
  4. Arrange and glue the numbers above each hook.
  5. Arrange and glue the letters of the title and the angel pictures above the hooks on the board.
  6. Varnish the whole board.
  7. Screw all of the 24 hooks into the board.

From the photo above you see that I made lots of small fabric bags to put the things in, It took ages to make them, but you can reuse them year after year. If you dont like sewing, just stick to paper for wrapping. And If you like to sew you probably know how to make small bags nice and cool. So I am dropping the tutorial for them for now.

Make the holiday season even more merry, Now you can wrap and pack 24 small, nice and even silly presents to hang on the hooks.

advent calendar DIY

advent calendar DIY

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Memory BOX

memory DIY box

Put a memory in a box

What do you give to a very good friend? Someone you have known for years? Someone you have a very close relationship with? It is not to easy. You look in the gift shops and on-line and you find good ideas , but a great idea?  Something personal? and if you are on a tight budget???

Well here is the gift that is so special, so personal, so precious, that everyone will love it and keep it for years.  You don´t need to be an accomplished artist to make it. You can make it if you are six or sixty six. For me this is a great way to be creative.

I have done this for a very few very close friends and they absolutely loved it.
DIY memory box. gift memory box memory DIY box

What do you need?

Well you probably have it all already – a pencil, water colours and good quality paper or cardboard. These can come from cutting up the bags and boxes that you get from clothes and shoe stores or left over paper.

You need lots of memories you shared together. You can look over the old photos to get ideas.

Then you do a little drawing on the paper that will remind the person of a fun thing you did together, or a funny thing that happened, or a crazy story, but the very best is a secret you share that no one else will get.

If could also be a little poem, a couple of lines from a special song, a quote from a movie, that only you too shared. If you are not so good at drawing you can find an image on the web and copy it.

The drawing could be a beach chair to remember your first holiday, or a guitar to remember a special concert, or a plate of food to remember a delicious meal, or a birthday cake to remember a party.

Then when you have some drawings, make the box to put them in. Here is a post on how to make the box yourself.

box DIY

Imagine getting this box filled with memories from a son, a daughter, a parent, a lover, a very close friend, or anyone. Wouldn’t this be one of the best presents ever, much better than something picked from a web site.

What is the best present you ever gave or received?



Make pretty little boxes

box DIY papir


Hi Everyone! Here is something fun I did with my left over paper. If you are going to a party an like to bring something unike, be creative and give a little box and putting in some lovely chocolate. This boxes are much easier to make than they look. Once you get the hang of it, a box will take less then 5 minutes to make.

To make a box, I use two pieces of left-over paper. I cut them into two perfectly squares. The paper for the box bottom needs to be little bit smaller. Usually it is only a less then a half centimeter.  To create a custom box experiment with the paper sizes. I recommend you practicing one time on printer paper before using your old (and nice) left over paper.
box DIY

box DIY

A mid-weight paper works best but my watercolours are on a quite thick paper often 200g. The lighter-weight papers like paper from advertising brochure or orgami paper can work well too. The heavier the paper is, the smaller the little box has to be. (so therefor experiment to get the perfect fit)

When you cutting out the paper, it’s worth taking the time to perfectly square up your right angles but don’t worry, I didn’t do this when I made this boxes. And they turn out just fine.

box DIY
How to make the box:

Fold all the 4 corners on the paper into the center. There is a video down below. 1box

2boxThe fold one side of the square into the center and do the same to the other site.3box
DIY box4box
Open up the paper and turn 90 degrees. Repeat to fold the opposite long edges to the center point.

9boxYour folded paper should look like this. The folding is now don! Now it’s time to cut, you need 4 cuts into the squares that you now see in the senter of the paper. Careful not to cut too long or too short. The important thing is that you now have two flips. Open up two of the corner that been cut that, the edges that are opposite each other.5box6box

Press the paper down and over the edge of the wall. The corner point should sit right in the middle of the box.7boxNow give it a nice, crisp shape.

8boxbox DIYbox DIYbox DIY


How to make pocket sketchbook

Hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort honolulu

Some of my favourite things at the moment are my sketchbooks.

I have lots of them, and also journals and pocket notebooks everywhere. And I use them for different things.

I have one that is for doing my minimum 15 minutes artwork each day, I have one for the sketches I do when I am sitting in a cafe, or outside or where ever. I have one for my small purse and one for my lager bag and others here and there. I love having a sketchbook in my bag, along with a tiny little pencil case, and a watercolor set, that always go with me, wherever I am.

Some years ago I learned how to bind paper books so I started to make Artists books and notebooks and I still love making them. I do like to upcycle things in my creative projects that would otherwise get thrown out. I was responsible for the upcycling programme of a company called Fretex, which is part of the Salvation Army. I had lots of fun when I designed a notebook for them and this notebook is the design I feel the most proud of. It has featured in TV and newspaper articles for years. (The Last time was this Monday on TV2)  See the notebook here and NRK TV.

 My last Artist book “Hawaii”

Hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort honolulu. Aloha artists bookHilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort Honolulu Aloha artists book Aloha artists book

My artist’s book is a lot of fun and for me this is what I love the most, it is an art project in it self. The book should be seen as one object and an artwork. So you can’t rip a page out.

My art journal is where I explore all kinds of mixed media techniques like painting, printmaking, collage, doodling, and drawing. It is also a small place for me to practice, explore and brainstorm all kinds of creative ideas. I often keep them accessible within reach. For example there is always one beside the sofa, so that when I get an idea i start to work on it, or even just write it down so it doesn’t get lost.

On the other hand, my sketchbook is more for drawings I might do when I am in a cafe, or outside and that can be a good place to practice and to get comfortable with drawing. And practice- practice- practice!

Art journal DIY

Art journal DIY Art journal DIY

I am kind of lazy when it comes to do work where you have to look at every detail and millimeter. (But, when I first do it is great fun)

I never spend money on new paper for these self-made books, it feels great to get rid of some leftover paper that is lying around in my studio. It always gives me lots of energy for I always get a nice surprise by the outcome. I go through the drawers and look around and find paper that will make interesting combinations, it can include an old drawing or something I printed that wasn’t quite right.

Bind the papers.

The easiest and fastest way is to staple the pages together with stapler but it is easy and very cool to stitch the papers by hand  or you can even use a sewing machine.

  •  If I stitch by hand I usually have 3 holes but you can do it with 5 if you want, depending of the size.
  1. Start from the outside to the inside and threading your string through the middle hole into the center of the book.
  2. Thread it from the center to the top.
  3. From the top hole, take it down and through the bottom hole into the center of the book.
  4. String it from the bottom hole through the center hole to the outside of the book. Both ends of the string should be on either side of the string going down the spine.

Tie the threads in a square knot around the center string.

And after I trim the side of the book and make them equal size. For that, I have to cut all the other pieces to the same size using a ruler.

Art journal DIY

Art journal DIY

The easiest and fastest way is to staple the pages together with stapler, use a large staple that you used for wall etc. Just shoot them through the paper.

With a little effort (maybe less then 15 minutes) you can have a notebook to be proud of and also do some recycling to help the planet. And they make a lovely present for your friends and family. Oh yeah……. I likaaaaa that.

art journal DIYart journal DIY







 DIY Lavender Sachets. Just Vintage fabric and lavender!

I am full of the joys of Spring – my small handmade sachets are filled with dried lavender. These make great handmade gifts and are always special. They are super easy to make and they require very little time or sewing experience.

As your sweaters and winter clothes are pack away to make room for your summer dresses, use this trick to make sure they stay odor- and moth-free. You can also use thyme, cloves, mint, or cedar, which are all thought to be natural moth repellents. Next fall, you’ll smell the sweetness of wardrobe-keeping success.

Pop them in closets and dresser drawers.


I recycle old materials such a silk scarf, and old linen table cloths or good quality cotton to make the lavender sachets.