Paint, drink tea and eat pizza

art journal . bird eat pizza, drink tea, watercolour, how toSpring is finally here!

Many birds fly south for winter and when we hear then singing again it is a sign that spring is here.

I have been waiting for the birds to come back. I wonder where they went and the nature programs tell me that some of them went all the way to Africa. If I was to take an airplane at 500 miles per hour it would take me at least 6 hours to get to the nearest part, so it must take the birds several weeks to make the journey. I am always in awe of what the birds and the bugs and the animals can do.

I haven’t yet seen the summer birds (like the swift and the swallow and the cookoo). But in meanwhile, I went to Pinterest and found some pretty photos of two sweet sweet parakeets from the hot rain forests which I painted to feel warm inside.

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I been using some very good masking liquid for watercolours, soon I will have a post about how I did this paintings.

art journal , watercolour, how to paint art journal . flowers, hanami, sennlier watercolourhow to be creative , art journal

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A secret sneak peek

fashion drawings

A secret sneak peek.

Some new ideas on how to be creative! I use my sketchbooks for different reasons at different times…. I told you before that breaking some rules can lead to creativity.

This time I was multitasking as I was sketching, I was in front of the TV watching “Jane the virgin” on Netflix (and by the way I have fallen in love with the show it makes me laugh out loud).
It brought me back in time to the days I did fashion design. and gave me some different ideas.

Fashion drawings like this should be fun and you should enjoy it!

Here are some tips for you to do fashion drawings.

Is this something you like to do? Do you like to getting started? Maybe this can help.

  • You can use Google to find some fashion models that you like and get your imagination flowing.
  • Think about the colours you will use. The most important thing is to have some fun. Some people will love the colours you choose, and others may not, but this is not for them! Just do this one for yourself.
  • Using the colours YOU love, will make it much more likely that you will be happy about it.
  • I always start by drawing a very light line using a pencil, and I prefer 2B. It is easy to make a mistake so have an eraser near by.
  • When you are happy with the sketch, make the lines darker and begin to paint.
  • And I am sure this can be a magical step on your artistic journey. Start with a first attempt and see where you end up. You have nothing to loose. If you dont like it, start again.
fashion drawing. 2016 fashion illustration fashion illustrationfashion illustration
fashion illustration. the best drawing
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I love painting & sipping on my tea. 

tea ,Art Journal, watercolour


How to Draw & Paint with Ink and Watercolour.

Coffee is my thing, but once in a while there’s something magical about having a cup of tea …… in a beauuuuuutiful antique tea cup. Being an artist, my home can get a little messy.  Even still, I’m not afraid to bring you in to my home studio. Moments like this makes me feel relaxed and at ease……..Drawing is my favourite thing to do, so here I go again working in my SKETCHBOOK . I am  EXCITED to show you my brand new video.


India Ink , pèbèo
Speedball Plastic Penholder
Raphael Watercolor size #0 Quill Mop brush
Sennelier portable watercolor set (24 colours)

and find a beautiful antique cup.




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Is Coffee Your Cup of Tea?


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oslo blå. scandinavian vibes Sketchbook, Drawings

What to do in Oslo?

Walking by the riverside is inspiring in itself and like most of us, I get a thrill from kicking through the lovely crisp dry colourful autumn leaves, so that is what I did, and I strolled around Oslo. I’m really enjoying being back again in the place I lived for 20 years.

I went to the Hipster’ neighbourhood Grünerløkka which is the place to be if you like to meet the young and trendy,  artists and immigrants. Like the hip and cool, Pakistanis and Turks they have all left their mark by taking over old run-down buildings and turning them into cool cafes and restaurants.

This area has bars,  exhibition spaces, boutiques and interesting colonial shops. But I have to mention blå (pronounced “blaa” ) were they hold concerts and where you can go dancing (blå means blue). In the same building you find K.E.M which is my favourite art supply store. Grünerløkka has always attracted artists. Edvard Munch is one of the many artists who lives there. He use to live in both Fossveien 7 and Thorvald Meyers gate 48 (now Schous plass 1,  and, as a student I lived in Schous plass 3).

In that area you can also visit the Mathallen food hall, where you’ll find luxe food and inspired  homemade delicacies from Spain, France, Asian, in fact  food from all over the world. You can also sign up for a cooking class! Enjoy the BEST Norwegian cheeses like “geitost” or the best duck confit sandwich. And Scandinavia’s best coffee bar. Oslo- blå Oslo- blå “Blå”

Oslo APARTMENT. scandinavian vibes


Oslo gives me energy and makes it fun to do drawings. Being with friend is the most inspiring. But I suppose it is everything I experience that make a trip like this great. Here is some drawings I did.

sketchbook, watercolour

I got my self a new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, is perfect to creating fine to broad lines just like a brush. The pen is refillable with permanent pigment ink. you can get Pentel at BLICK.

skissebok ,scandinavian vibes. what to do in Oslo. Norway. Sketchbook, watercolourSketchbook, watercolour Sketchbook, watercoloursketchbook, Watercolour
Artist walk

I went to some good gallery´s and I got to see an exhibition of Hilma af Klint she did beautiful large and colourful works . She was one of the history’s first abstract artists.

‒ “Hilma af Klint was an artist with a clear sense that she was ahead of her time. Even though she was making abstract paintings as early as 1906, she never exhibited these ground-breaking works in her lifetime. She even wrote in her will that these paintings were not to be exhibited until 20 years after her death; only then would the time be ripe”, Hoegsberg elaborates.

Here is how to get to  Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes

scandinavian vibes, JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format And this is JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format 

osloMarjorstuen is a great area for shopping and Bogstadveien is the best shopping street in Oslo, if you have money.  As you can imagine Marjorstuen is also a popular place to live. The area is typically European with elegant houses from the 1880s and 1890s.Oslo APARTMENT, shooping in oslocountry chic,  place at: Vibesgate 2. Marjorstuen

Oslo- blå scandinavian vibes

Duck eggs.scandinavian vibes

Kr.100 = $ 12, pricey?  Here is a link to the: farmer’s market

Have a fabulous day!
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Draw your dream holiday

Art Journal, Flowers , vacation, draw your dreams


My new Art journal.

I found a treasure in a second hand shop. I fell in love with this beautiful blue notebook that is decorated with gold leaf. I love that it is written Norwegian, French and English and that it has the most beautiful hand writing. It is written in different colours of ink. This book made me think about traveling, and all the places I wanted to go.

Years and years ago I found a article in a magazine about traveling, It had a photo of a fantastic hotel in Budapest. It inspired me to paint the swimming pool and I wrote down the address to the hotel. Not that I plan to go there, but the address gave me a aesthetic pleasure. It sounded so exotic, just like a beautiful song you hear for the first time.

I had a opportunity to go to this city some years ago and I decided to there stay one night and go to this swimming pool. The experience was so wonderful, it was the great feeling of a dream coming true. (Well, I got a shock when I went in to the water for it was so, sooooo cold, I did’nt imagine this in my dream.)

The point is that I want this particular Art journal to be filled with beautiful things i want to see and places I want to go to. I believe that drawing and thinking about things you want, will make the dreams be more likely to come true, and then when it happens, I know I will be grateful and love and appreciate it even more.


art journaljournal. art journal Art journal Art Journal, Flowers , vacation, draw your dreams, drawing journal flower
Art journal Art jounal Art jounal Art journal. Vence Art Journal Art journal Revlon

Art journal. painting flowers Art journal Flower, Art journal Art Journal , drawing, flower
Draw your dream holiday kopi

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Store your creative ideas for a rainy winter day

Store your creative ideasSometimes I have to save my ideas, that I don’t have time for.

By recording them somewhere safe, you know that you have them for a “rainy day” (we get lots and lots of rainy days in Norway).

  • Create a secret store of creativity. No idea is a bad idea. Maybe it won’t work for one project, but it might be perfect for another project.
  • It could be a note book where you write down all the ideas.
  • It could be a sketch book with just drawings or watercolours of what is in your mind.
  • My favourite is a box of cards with the writing on one side and a painting on the other side. Then I can pull out the ideas in any combination and mix and match the best ideas for a particular project. How to make the box   


I make this cards, from old paintings.

Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey

Make a box for the cards:

box DIY


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How to be creative. Tip of the week Number 1…….

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penDo something different (and have some fun at the same time).

One of the things that can stop you being creative is being afraid to make mistakes.
Another is not knowing how to break outside the usual things you do.
You can often set rules for yourself that are smothering your creativity and you don’t even know it.

Break outside the bad habits, play a game with new rules.

Part of the role of a true artist is to challenge the status quo, to make people think and question the things they take for granted. So, true creativity involves breaking some rules. It doesn`t have to be completely different to what you normally do … and sometimes the best way to break some rules is to make a new, unusual rule and see what happens. I have described what I did below, and because it is a game of chance, you do not have to love your new creation, but, you must follow the new rules of the game and the game will become fun.

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penI have been drawing a lot lately using my new pens, they are pretty awesome watercolour pens that are both rich and bright. ( LYRA  Aqua Brush is a water-based ink pen)


What I did today was to find a way to let go of my usual choices of colour combinations. My new rule was that I had pick three or four pens with my eyes closed and use those colours in a drawing no matter what!  I also decided that I could only spend 10 to 15 minutes on every drawing.

how to stay creative drawing, watercolour penhow to stay creative drawing, watercolour penAnd do you know – I liked it. I had to draw with unusual colours  combinations that I would not have chosen together. Some were ugly combinations, but they produced very interesting results. It can be inspiring, when the process produces an interesting outcome. When I look at them all afterwards, I see that the new rules have produced very inspiring results.Drawing .how to stay creativlyra art pen2What do you think about this one?

Drawing .how to stay creativlyra pen

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Memory BOX

memory DIY box

Put a memory in a box

What do you give to a very good friend? Someone you have known for years? Someone you have a very close relationship with? It is not to easy. You look in the gift shops and on-line and you find good ideas , but a great idea?  Something personal? and if you are on a tight budget???

Well here is the gift that is so special, so personal, so precious, that everyone will love it and keep it for years.  You don´t need to be an accomplished artist to make it. You can make it if you are six or sixty six. For me this is a great way to be creative.

I have done this for a very few very close friends and they absolutely loved it.
DIY memory box. gift memory box memory DIY box

What do you need?

Well you probably have it all already – a pencil, water colours and good quality paper or cardboard. These can come from cutting up the bags and boxes that you get from clothes and shoe stores or left over paper.

You need lots of memories you shared together. You can look over the old photos to get ideas.

Then you do a little drawing on the paper that will remind the person of a fun thing you did together, or a funny thing that happened, or a crazy story, but the very best is a secret you share that no one else will get.

If could also be a little poem, a couple of lines from a special song, a quote from a movie, that only you too shared. If you are not so good at drawing you can find an image on the web and copy it.

The drawing could be a beach chair to remember your first holiday, or a guitar to remember a special concert, or a plate of food to remember a delicious meal, or a birthday cake to remember a party.

Then when you have some drawings, make the box to put them in. Here is a post on how to make the box yourself.

box DIY

Imagine getting this box filled with memories from a son, a daughter, a parent, a lover, a very close friend, or anyone. Wouldn’t this be one of the best presents ever, much better than something picked from a web site.

What is the best present you ever gave or received?



Drawing something beautiful in my sketchbook

magic sketchbook.flowerDrawing on black paper


Here’s a couple of my sketchbook drawings from this weekend.

I got some flowers and a pineapple at the supermarket. The flowers where on sale, they were going a bit sad, but I think it makes them more interesting to draw!

I rarely draw studies for my paintings, but I sketch a lot, in fact, anything that is placed in front of me. I guess these can be seen as studies too but they are not intended as preparation for other art work. I am now trying to form a new habit of working 20 minutes a day in this sketchbook because I know the more I do, the more creative I will be.


flowerDrawing on black paper


flowerDrawing on black paper

I’m never really that well prepared, and I am just trying to make them turn out OK. Most of the times the images are jumping from my mind to the sketchbook page, and it never turns out how I imagined it would be,  and this make it much more interesting to me.


flowerDrawing on black paper

Find Inspiration in Nature

Here are 6 ideas to help you get some inspiration from nature:
  1. Go for a walk in a park, a forest, in the countryside, the beach, a mountain, or a lake. Bring your sketchbook and draw everything that looks beautiful and lose track of time for a while.
  2. Bring your camera in your pocket and photograph the trees, birds, flowers, animals, plants and anything else that is interesting.
  3. Listening to nature sounds. Maybe you like what i like……. bird sound for drawing. You will find lots of videos on YouTube.
  4. Draw or paint a scene from an old photo of a forest.
  5. Find some books about nature, look at the beauty of the oceans, forests, flowers, and caves and then plan what you like to do.
  6. Buy a new plant or some beautiful flowers and draw it in your sketchbook. (buy flowers that smells good) I fond the nature in the supermarked……LOL


flowerDrawing on black paper

Wishing you magical wonder vibes for the day.


flowerDrawing on black papermagic sketchbook.flowerDrawing on black paper. art

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