A secret sneak peek

fashion drawings

A secret sneak peek.

Some new ideas on how to be creative! I use my sketchbooks for different reasons at different times…. I told you before that breaking some rules can lead to creativity.

This time I was multitasking as I was sketching, I was in front of the TV watching “Jane the virgin” on Netflix (and by the way I have fallen in love with the show it makes me laugh out loud).
It brought me back in time to the days I did fashion design. and gave me some different ideas.

Fashion drawings like this should be fun and you should enjoy it!

Here are some tips for you to do fashion drawings.

Is this something you like to do? Do you like to getting started? Maybe this can help.

  • You can use Google to find some fashion models that you like and get your imagination flowing.
  • Think about the colours you will use. The most important thing is to have some fun. Some people will love the colours you choose, and others may not, but this is not for them! Just do this one for yourself.
  • Using the colours YOU love, will make it much more likely that you will be happy about it.
  • I always start by drawing a very light line using a pencil, and I prefer 2B. It is easy to make a mistake so have an eraser near by.
  • When you are happy with the sketch, make the lines darker and begin to paint.
  • And I am sure this can be a magical step on your artistic journey. Start with a first attempt and see where you end up. You have nothing to loose. If you dont like it, start again.
fashion drawing. 2016 fashion illustration fashion illustrationfashion illustration
fashion illustration. the best drawing
 If you would like a tutorial on sketching faces or bodies, let me know. I love to hear from you.  You can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, or follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Share the magic of creativity.

Store your creative ideas for a rainy winter day

Store your creative ideasSometimes I have to save my ideas, that I don’t have time for.

By recording them somewhere safe, you know that you have them for a “rainy day” (we get lots and lots of rainy days in Norway).

  • Create a secret store of creativity. No idea is a bad idea. Maybe it won’t work for one project, but it might be perfect for another project.
  • It could be a note book where you write down all the ideas.
  • It could be a sketch book with just drawings or watercolours of what is in your mind.
  • My favourite is a box of cards with the writing on one side and a painting on the other side. Then I can pull out the ideas in any combination and mix and match the best ideas for a particular project. How to make the box   


I make this cards, from old paintings.

Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey http://wp.me/p5k29Q-r9Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey Store your creative ideas, How to be creative, tips. Your artistic journey http://wp.me/p5k29Q-r9

Make a box for the cards:

box DIY


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Share the magic of creativity.

Messing around


testing watercolours
Over the last few days I have been in a creative process that has taken up  a lot of my time. It has taken priority over chores such as washing up, tidying up, laundry, etc. My kitchen, living room and bedroom are a bit a mess, but you have to break eggs if you want to make an omelette. I will catch up on the chores tomorrow.
I just got a fun commission from the town hall, they are organising a summer festival, and, at the last minute they asked me if I could do some nice small illustrations for this festival.
I am using this as an opportunity to test some watercolours that I got from Jane Davenport watercolours called “Nicholson´s Peerless Transparent Water Colours”

testing watercolours

They are made by soaking clear, brilliant, concentrated pigments into card swatches and each swatch is hand-made! These water colours are so vibrant and yet transparent. They are pigment-rich and flow easily. And today they were perfect for painting my flower.

testing watercolours


They came in a nice little sachets, each containing 60 swatches ( each about 4 by 6 cm  = 1.5″ by 2″). This must be the lightest watercolour “box” you can get.

To make them easy to use, I cut about 1/4 of each swatch and glued them onto a sheet of cardboard. Then I added a brushstroke of each water colour above the swatch so I can see what colour it produces. You can see the result in the photos above.


I really like them because they combine transparency with vibrant colours and I really like the fact that it is just small rich pigments on little cards, that you can put inside your sketch book and bring absolutely every where. The only down side for me is is that I can’t order them from a local source and found the shipping a bit pricey. But you may be able to find a source near to you.




Sneak peek


Work in progress

I nearly always work from photographs and I find our relationship with the camera and our behaviour when we have our photo taken so interesting that I keep on working with this theme.

I am very interested in how photos can tell history.  You can tell when a photograph was taken: on one extreme the early photographs were very formal and posed, and now if you see a selfie, you know it is recent.
If you look you can see that they have slowly become less formal over the years. You can see some examples of my current work which based on photographs below.

accidental turist Drawing accidental turist Drawing
accidental turist Drawing

My big drawings are drawn in horizontal and vertical loops and swirls , like it is woven.accidental turist DrawingI am working on an exhibition in 2016, i will just show you some of my drawings in progress. This is how I work in my studio when I work in a big scale. I want the work to be life size “one to one” this is to get the feeling of real life.

I have to use a ladder to reach the upper parts.

accidental turist Drawing

This work is still in progress, so I haven’t prepared the project description, but if you have specific questions I will try to answer.

Tell me about the biggest or smallest work you ever did.




IKEA hack, How to make a nice gift box.

ikea hackIKEA hack Personalising the gift box. Materials: RYSSBY 2014

I’m always looking for new fun ways to wrap a gifts. This time I was inspired to try out drawing on these black box with my POSCA pens. all you need to do is to have a pen that can draw on black. And find something you want to draw, it can be done quite easily. if you do not know how to draw, drawing zigzag or circles, or write a poem.

Occasionally I come across something I just have to have, this time it was my mother who had been at IKEA and found an offer 3 boxes in one package.

Giving away a gift box that is decorated, is a gift in itself.

Like to see more IKEA hack? go to ikeahack.net


ikea hack box ikea hack ikea hack