Paint, drink tea and eat pizza

art journal . bird eat pizza, drink tea, watercolour, how toSpring is finally here!

Many birds fly south for winter and when we hear then singing again it is a sign that spring is here.

I have been waiting for the birds to come back. I wonder where they went and the nature programs tell me that some of them went all the way to Africa. If I was to take an airplane at 500 miles per hour it would take me at least 6 hours to get to the nearest part, so it must take the birds several weeks to make the journey. I am always in awe of what the birds and the bugs and the animals can do.

I haven’t yet seen the summer birds (like the swift and the swallow and the cookoo). But in meanwhile, I went to Pinterest and found some pretty photos of two sweet sweet parakeets from the hot rain forests which I painted to feel warm inside.

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I been using some very good masking liquid for watercolours, soon I will have a post about how I did this paintings.

art journal , watercolour, how to paint art journal . flowers, hanami, sennlier watercolourhow to be creative , art journal

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Edith Holden`s sketch book.

Watercolour, Edith Holden

I found a lovely book in a second hand store that I remember from when I was young.  “The country diary of an Edwardian lady” by Edith Holden.  I always wanted to have it and so I grabbed the opportunity.  It was written in 1906 but only published in 1977. It was an enormous success and often given as a gift. According to the Sunday Times newspaper, it was the best selling book in the 1970’s and remains number 4 of the overall best seller list for the last 40 years.

Each month has notes about the important days in the month, interesting information about the month, together with some poetry, entries about the things she did, and sketches and paintings of birds, insects and animals she came across on her regular walks.

It is a beautiful example of how important a journal is. This was obviously done for her own pleasure, but someone (an artist) realized just how inspiring it was and had it published. I find this so interesting. Just think about it, of all the books in the world, one of the best selling books happens to be a beautiful copy of a sketch book! A sketch book that was never intended to be published.

This book gave me lots inspiration, and by the way, it is easy to find a second hand version on Amazon or ebay.

The winter is ending, the  plants and flowers are waking up. So now is a great time to get out there and look for them. Show us all what the new spring is bringing in your area, by drawing and painting what you find for us.

Watercolour, Edith Holden

Watercolour, Edith Holden supll

The materials I use in the video are:

  • Pentel color brush #101 (water solvent)
  • Pentel  brush GFKP Japan (water proof)
  • Molotow masking liquid.
  • Raphail brush “softaqua” imitation squirrel  -0
  • Da vinci brush, harbin-kolinsky- 6
  • Habico brush – 0.3
  • Atelier scrub brush -8

Two professional secrets for you...

The Molotow masking is the best I have ever had for protecting the page from colour. It is very delicate and is easy to use for details.

I also have to say that the Atelier scrub brush is the best I have found to rub out the masking liquid. It doesn’t leave the residue of an eraser and doesn’t risk oil stains from using  a finger. Even more important, it can remove a water colour stain quickly and easily, even the next day. It is only a brush, but it is also one of the secret tools used by professional artists for corrections…

Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden

Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden Watercolour, Edith Holden

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David Bowie – The Inspiration of a Creative Mind


David Bowie’s ‘cut-up’ method of writing lyrics.

David Bowie will be remembered for his music, being a singer, a songwriter, musician, record producer, painter, actor. For me, it was his dedication to creating art and for being avant-garde artist who has already impacted several generations and created new genres of fashion, music, and culture. Bowie almost single-handedly created the category of “art rock” with his application of avant-garde techniques to conventional song structures and rock ‘n’ roll attitudes.

I remember seeing an inspiring video clip of David Bowie describing how he used the “cut-up” technique to write some of his lyrics. I have hunted around and, although I didn’t find the one I was looking for, I found another and I am very happy to share it with you all. (link below).

wikipedia: “The cut-up technique (or découpé in French) is an aleatory literary technique in which a text is cut up and rearranged to create a new text. The concept can be traced to at least the Dadaists of the 1920s, but was popularized in the late 1950s and early 1960s by writer William S. Burroughs, and has since been used in a wide variety of contexts.”   

Bowie further explained his use of cut-ups like this: “You write down a paragraph or two describing different subjects, creating a kind of ‘story ingredients’ list, I suppose, and then cut the sentences into four or five-word sections, mix ‘em up and reconnect them.” The technique allows songwriters, he says, to “get some pretty interesting idea combinations,” even if they “have a craven need not to lose control.”

 collage. How to be creative, watercolours , watercolour. ink. My sketch bok. learn to draw. flowers watercolour flowers. creativity course, How to be creative, watercolours , watercolour. ink. My sketch bok. learn to draw. flowers watercolour flowers. creativity course, How to be creative, watercolours , watercolour. ink. My sketch bok. learn to draw. flowers watercolour flowers. creativity course, How to be creative, watercolours , watercolour. ink. My sketch bok. learn to draw. flowers watercolour flowers. creativity course,  collage How to be creative, watercolours , watercolour. ink. My sketch bok. learn to draw. flowers watercolour flowers. creativity course,I use the cut-up technique a little differently. This is what I do:

  • I have a shoe box full of cuttings.
    • It could be a part of a newspaper, magazine, diary, poetry, short story, novel or any other source of text.
    • You can start your shoebox today. I promise you won’t regret it. in a few months you will open it and go back into a daydream that will bring you to a very happy place. Add to it whenever you get something interesting to add.
  • When you are ready to make a collage, open the shoebox and put all the pieces into a hat and draw them out at random.
  • Arrange the images together and see what message they are giving.
  • Glue them to the page



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oslo blå. scandinavian vibes Sketchbook, Drawings

What to do in Oslo?

Walking by the riverside is inspiring in itself and like most of us, I get a thrill from kicking through the lovely crisp dry colourful autumn leaves, so that is what I did, and I strolled around Oslo. I’m really enjoying being back again in the place I lived for 20 years.

I went to the Hipster’ neighbourhood Grünerløkka which is the place to be if you like to meet the young and trendy,  artists and immigrants. Like the hip and cool, Pakistanis and Turks they have all left their mark by taking over old run-down buildings and turning them into cool cafes and restaurants.

This area has bars,  exhibition spaces, boutiques and interesting colonial shops. But I have to mention blå (pronounced “blaa” ) were they hold concerts and where you can go dancing (blå means blue). In the same building you find K.E.M which is my favourite art supply store. Grünerløkka has always attracted artists. Edvard Munch is one of the many artists who lives there. He use to live in both Fossveien 7 and Thorvald Meyers gate 48 (now Schous plass 1,  and, as a student I lived in Schous plass 3).

In that area you can also visit the Mathallen food hall, where you’ll find luxe food and inspired  homemade delicacies from Spain, France, Asian, in fact  food from all over the world. You can also sign up for a cooking class! Enjoy the BEST Norwegian cheeses like “geitost” or the best duck confit sandwich. And Scandinavia’s best coffee bar. Oslo- blå Oslo- blå “Blå”

Oslo APARTMENT. scandinavian vibes


Oslo gives me energy and makes it fun to do drawings. Being with friend is the most inspiring. But I suppose it is everything I experience that make a trip like this great. Here is some drawings I did.

sketchbook, watercolour

I got my self a new Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, is perfect to creating fine to broad lines just like a brush. The pen is refillable with permanent pigment ink. you can get Pentel at BLICK.

skissebok ,scandinavian vibes. what to do in Oslo. Norway. Sketchbook, watercolourSketchbook, watercolour Sketchbook, watercoloursketchbook, Watercolour
Artist walk

I went to some good gallery´s and I got to see an exhibition of Hilma af Klint she did beautiful large and colourful works . She was one of the history’s first abstract artists.

‒ “Hilma af Klint was an artist with a clear sense that she was ahead of her time. Even though she was making abstract paintings as early as 1906, she never exhibited these ground-breaking works in her lifetime. She even wrote in her will that these paintings were not to be exhibited until 20 years after her death; only then would the time be ripe”, Hoegsberg elaborates.

Here is how to get to  Henie Onstad Kunstsenter

scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes

scandinavian vibes, JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format And this is JOHN K. RAUSTEIN at Galleri Format 

osloMarjorstuen is a great area for shopping and Bogstadveien is the best shopping street in Oslo, if you have money.  As you can imagine Marjorstuen is also a popular place to live. The area is typically European with elegant houses from the 1880s and 1890s.Oslo APARTMENT, shooping in oslocountry chic,  place at: Vibesgate 2. Marjorstuen

Oslo- blå scandinavian vibes

Duck eggs.scandinavian vibes

Kr.100 = $ 12, pricey?  Here is a link to the: farmer’s market

Have a fabulous day!
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Draw your dream holiday

Art Journal, Flowers , vacation, draw your dreams


My new Art journal.

I found a treasure in a second hand shop. I fell in love with this beautiful blue notebook that is decorated with gold leaf. I love that it is written Norwegian, French and English and that it has the most beautiful hand writing. It is written in different colours of ink. This book made me think about traveling, and all the places I wanted to go.

Years and years ago I found a article in a magazine about traveling, It had a photo of a fantastic hotel in Budapest. It inspired me to paint the swimming pool and I wrote down the address to the hotel. Not that I plan to go there, but the address gave me a aesthetic pleasure. It sounded so exotic, just like a beautiful song you hear for the first time.

I had a opportunity to go to this city some years ago and I decided to there stay one night and go to this swimming pool. The experience was so wonderful, it was the great feeling of a dream coming true. (Well, I got a shock when I went in to the water for it was so, sooooo cold, I did’nt imagine this in my dream.)

The point is that I want this particular Art journal to be filled with beautiful things i want to see and places I want to go to. I believe that drawing and thinking about things you want, will make the dreams be more likely to come true, and then when it happens, I know I will be grateful and love and appreciate it even more.


art journaljournal. art journal Art journal Art Journal, Flowers , vacation, draw your dreams, drawing journal flower
Art journal Art jounal Art jounal Art journal. Vence Art Journal Art journal Revlon

Art journal. painting flowers Art journal Flower, Art journal Art Journal , drawing, flower
Draw your dream holiday kopi

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How to be creative. Tip of the week Number 2

how to be Creativityhow to be Creativity. DIY- Smal magical Creativity cards

DIY- Mini magic Creativity cards

CREATIVITY TIP OF THE WEEK – Give your Creativity an Art Energy Snack.

 Imagine kneeling beside a mountain stream and cuping your hands to drink the fresh, cold, clear water, standing under a waterfall or plunging into a pool or lake. Any one of these will make you feel wonderful. My favourite is the fresh, cold, mountain, spring water. It invigorates me, clears my head, and gives me energy to continue my hiking, to climb further up the mountain.


But getting to that cool, clear stream is not easy. It can take a long time of putting one foot in front of the other, over and over again. It is tiring and it absorbs my energy, and after a long time walking, I can feel I am not making any progress at all.

Art and creativity can be like a hike. You can feel that you are always doing the same old things, over and over again, and not making any progress. Does this happen to you? Do you sometimes find that your paintings just don’t turn out interesting? Feeling disappointed with one’s own work can be very discouraging. It can be a real killer. But this is not at all uncommon for anyone doing drawing and painting.


how to be Creativity

how to be Creativity

Creativityhow to be Creativityhow to be Creativity

Mini magic

Now, what if I can give you a short cut?

Well, it is not really a short cut. It is more like an energy snack or a few squares of sweet chocolate to give you a boost when you need it most. Something that will help your push your weary art legs a little longer until you reach that cool fresh stream.


Some time ago, I published a box of 100 cards full of ideas. It is in Norwegian, but today I have found a way to share some of the cards with you.

The cards can be used in several fun ways, but the simplest game is to draw a card, read it and then do what the card tells you to do. You can, for example draw a new card every 30 minutes and change the subject, or just stick to the first card you pull. Set your own rules before you start to play.
I hope they end up as successes in your eyes

Maybe you don’t like the task you get and you want to change it. Well, no one is watching, and if you really want, you can change it. But one very important thing I learnt in art school was, if there is something you don’t like doing……… have to do it, for this is a trigger! And where there is a trigger, whether it is good or bad, there is energy and this energy will bring you somewhere. Maybe it will bring you far on your creative journey, who knows? That is how we learn and this is what makes us break into something new. Don’t be afraid to try new things. New is different, new is good. New is creative. What do you have to lose? The most important aspect is you will certainly learn something.


To make your Art Energy Snack cards, download this PDF and print it out. I recommend watercolour paper if your printer can handle it. (You should check the printer instructions if you haven’t tried to print on thick paper before.) Print them on the back of a drawing or painting you are not completely happy with. Then cut along the lines to make small creative cards. Next you can personalize them, give your cards a charm of their own. Decorate them more, write more ideas on them, add your own cards. Do what ever you want with them. Just have fun with them. I know they will reward you, if you give them a chance.

how to be Creativityhow to be CreativityThis was my tip of the week, but please tell me your tips too. What you do to keep going? I love to hear from you. I’m always pleased and often surprised with the wonderful ideas my readers share.

how to be Creativity. This smal magical cards can give your some Creativity Energy.

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Sketchbook, What To Do When You’re Bored?

art Journal

Summer is here and I am cold and bored, it is the coldest summer in 70 years!

I feel like doing nothing and now my sketchbook is rather neglected… this is all that I have done in a week.

art Journal art Journal art JournalArt Journal

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How to make pocket sketchbook

Hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort honolulu

Some of my favourite things at the moment are my sketchbooks.

I have lots of them, and also journals and pocket notebooks everywhere. And I use them for different things.

I have one that is for doing my minimum 15 minutes artwork each day, I have one for the sketches I do when I am sitting in a cafe, or outside or where ever. I have one for my small purse and one for my lager bag and others here and there. I love having a sketchbook in my bag, along with a tiny little pencil case, and a watercolor set, that always go with me, wherever I am.

Some years ago I learned how to bind paper books so I started to make Artists books and notebooks and I still love making them. I do like to upcycle things in my creative projects that would otherwise get thrown out. I was responsible for the upcycling programme of a company called Fretex, which is part of the Salvation Army. I had lots of fun when I designed a notebook for them and this notebook is the design I feel the most proud of. It has featured in TV and newspaper articles for years. (The Last time was this Monday on TV2)  See the notebook here and NRK TV.

 My last Artist book “Hawaii”

Hilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort honolulu. Aloha artists bookHilton hawaiian village waikiki beach resort Honolulu Aloha artists book Aloha artists book

My artist’s book is a lot of fun and for me this is what I love the most, it is an art project in it self. The book should be seen as one object and an artwork. So you can’t rip a page out.

My art journal is where I explore all kinds of mixed media techniques like painting, printmaking, collage, doodling, and drawing. It is also a small place for me to practice, explore and brainstorm all kinds of creative ideas. I often keep them accessible within reach. For example there is always one beside the sofa, so that when I get an idea i start to work on it, or even just write it down so it doesn’t get lost.

On the other hand, my sketchbook is more for drawings I might do when I am in a cafe, or outside and that can be a good place to practice and to get comfortable with drawing. And practice- practice- practice!

Art journal DIY

Art journal DIY Art journal DIY

I am kind of lazy when it comes to do work where you have to look at every detail and millimeter. (But, when I first do it is great fun)

I never spend money on new paper for these self-made books, it feels great to get rid of some leftover paper that is lying around in my studio. It always gives me lots of energy for I always get a nice surprise by the outcome. I go through the drawers and look around and find paper that will make interesting combinations, it can include an old drawing or something I printed that wasn’t quite right.

Bind the papers.

The easiest and fastest way is to staple the pages together with stapler but it is easy and very cool to stitch the papers by hand  or you can even use a sewing machine.

  •  If I stitch by hand I usually have 3 holes but you can do it with 5 if you want, depending of the size.
  1. Start from the outside to the inside and threading your string through the middle hole into the center of the book.
  2. Thread it from the center to the top.
  3. From the top hole, take it down and through the bottom hole into the center of the book.
  4. String it from the bottom hole through the center hole to the outside of the book. Both ends of the string should be on either side of the string going down the spine.

Tie the threads in a square knot around the center string.

And after I trim the side of the book and make them equal size. For that, I have to cut all the other pieces to the same size using a ruler.

Art journal DIY

Art journal DIY

The easiest and fastest way is to staple the pages together with stapler, use a large staple that you used for wall etc. Just shoot them through the paper.

With a little effort (maybe less then 15 minutes) you can have a notebook to be proud of and also do some recycling to help the planet. And they make a lovely present for your friends and family. Oh yeah……. I likaaaaa that.

art journal DIYart journal DIY