My sweet valentine


My boyfriend knew that I get sad when I leave him, so to cheer me up and to remind me of him he did something lovely.

He got different paper and different coloured pens and wrote lovely little messages on the paper and cut them up and hid them everywhere. There was one in my travel documents so when I went to the ticket desk a little piece of paper fell out and it said “I love you”. there were some in my purse, in my train tickets, in my pockets, in the different parts of my luggage, in the book I was reading, in my money … and just everywhere. I was still sad to be leaving but he made it a happy sad. And I kept every one of these little pieces of paper. It took almost 2 months to find them all.

Then I had an Idea.  I went to the store and bought a picture frame, and arranged all the little bits of paper with their messages inside the frame and now I see it every day.

And for a valentine`s day present for him this year I painted some flowers he had given me. I am using watercolour, ink for the outlines and gouache for the background.


Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsValentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsCreativity valentinevalentine Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsoutput_LsRmWe

Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsValentine love

IKEA hack, the perfect valentine gift. 

ikea hack mug

Hello, hello!         Today I`m very happy, because I have made the perfect, personalised, original Valentine´s day present for my love.

Find inspiration everywhere.

Yesterday, I went to IKEA to buy some shelves for my daughters bedroom. Any of you who have been there will know that they have lots of inexpensive items that have a wonderful,  simple Scandinavian design. When I was there, I realised that I could take any one of these simple, but nice objects and with a little effort I could make it into an original, personalised work of art for the one I love.

I chose IKEA 356+  mug for a few kroner ( 2.5 euro or 3.99 dollars + the surfers protecter), but I also looked at lamps, pencil and stationary holders, storage boxes, lampshades, plant pots and many other things. Any of them would work very well, but I know my love will use this mug every day so I chose that for him.

So, I came home with a nice white mug. I have decorated mugs before, and I  remember he was thrilled when he realised that I had done the drawings on them. So this Valentine`s day I want to surprise him with a mug especially designed for him.  Something he can use everyday to remind him that I love him.

This is how I did it:

I am using a permanent porcelain pen that you can find at most art suppliers. You should make sure the pen is non toxic and dishwasher safe.

I then drew little hearts all over the outside and some on the inside. You can do what ever you want. You could write a message, draw a picture, write a poem, anything he or she will like. (You could also put a message on the bottom of the mug that only he or she will see when they finish their coffee).

When you have finished the design, you may have to bake in the oven for some time, to make it permanent. Check the instructions on the pen.

I hope he LOVEs it.

PS, I found loads of inspiration in IKEA, but if you there is not an IKEA near you, there must be alternative outlets that have simple articles that you can upgrade and personalise.

ikea hack mug. valentines day gift ikea hack mug
ikea hack mug. valentines day gift

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January is a dark month for those of us in the northern hemisphere. But the days are getting longer and, although it is still cold and getting colder, Spring is on the way.

I had some news that made me feel warm inside yesterday. A while ago, I was interviewed for this GREAT blog all about creativity ( and now it has been published.

This site is all about being creative and there are lots of very inspiring interviews from artist, writers, musicians, poets and others, on their creativity.   If you want some more ideas on how successful people got started and keep their creativity alive, then you can visit it here.

Review of Schmincke Horadam Watercolours


Review of Schmincke Horadam Watercolours

I have a Winston & Newton box which is 25 years old that I am still using! When I bought it, I didn´t know that he colours were chosen for painting landscapes and nature, I don´t often paint landscapes, and now I prefer to pick the individual colours that I will use.  I usually like the colours that are perfect for painting city life, cafes, flowers and people. It might make it a bit more expensive than choosing a ready-made kit, but the different brands offer different prices, so I am sure you will find the product to match your budget. A lot of the brands make a student quality that work great.

A friend of my loves Schmincke watercolours so much that they are the only ones she uses. So, I had to try them out for myself, just to see if I would like them as much as she does.

I bought 12 Schmincke watercolours from their range of 110 colours. Of the 110, 70 are single pigment paints and the use of good reliable pigments is prevalent in this brand. I usually buy the tubes because my art works for exhibitions are large, often 2 to 3 meters high and over 150 cm wide so I need a lot paint.  But, when I do sketches for ideas or work in my home studio, I need to have a smaller paint sets.  This time I chose the tubes.
schmince schmince

The 536 Green Yellow is my new favourite colour.

schminceFor me the primary colours (magenta (red but looks like pink), cyan (blue) and primary yellow.) are the most important, and are what I look for first.  These are the basic colours of the rainbow and you can make all the other colours from these. When I went to the shop I found magenta but had to choose another blue and yellow, but they worked out just fine. Besides these three colours I chose some earth colours and two that are great for painting skin tones. Burnt Sienna or a Burnt Umber are also great choices but I didn´t take them this time as I wanted to try something new.

Below I show how to combine the 3 primary colours to get all the other colours,
schminceschmince watercolour
When you are choosing the paint,  you also need to consider what you will use them for.  If you are doing illustrations or working in an art journal or sketch book , they are all good.  But if  you are going to exhibit or sell your work you will want to choose a paint that will not fade over time when exposed to sunlight.

One of the colours I chose is not light-resistant but can be perfect for sketchbooks and personal use. I must admit that I will have a problem to keep this colour separate. How on earth will I remember which is the light resistant one? I should have checked more closely before buying this one.

Over all, Schmincke is an great watercolor paint, and has lovely colours that I like, they did their job well because when I mixed the colours I got exactly the shade I wanted. I absolutely love them. They make some colours that the other brands don´t have and my pallet will include these colours from Schmincke in future.




I was able to get the exact colours of the flowers and it was easy with these paints!




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A secret sneak peek

fashion drawings

A secret sneak peek.

Some new ideas on how to be creative! I use my sketchbooks for different reasons at different times…. I told you before that breaking some rules can lead to creativity.

This time I was multitasking as I was sketching, I was in front of the TV watching “Jane the virgin” on Netflix (and by the way I have fallen in love with the show it makes me laugh out loud).
It brought me back in time to the days I did fashion design. and gave me some different ideas.

Fashion drawings like this should be fun and you should enjoy it!

Here are some tips for you to do fashion drawings.

Is this something you like to do? Do you like to getting started? Maybe this can help.

  • You can use Google to find some fashion models that you like and get your imagination flowing.
  • Think about the colours you will use. The most important thing is to have some fun. Some people will love the colours you choose, and others may not, but this is not for them! Just do this one for yourself.
  • Using the colours YOU love, will make it much more likely that you will be happy about it.
  • I always start by drawing a very light line using a pencil, and I prefer 2B. It is easy to make a mistake so have an eraser near by.
  • When you are happy with the sketch, make the lines darker and begin to paint.
  • And I am sure this can be a magical step on your artistic journey. Start with a first attempt and see where you end up. You have nothing to loose. If you dont like it, start again.
fashion drawing. 2016 fashion illustration fashion illustrationfashion illustration
fashion illustration. the best drawing
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Last minute wrapping idea

happy . Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays. magny
Watercolour flowers

Hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season! I love giving a present wrapped in a unique and personal way. If you’re like me you often wait until the last minute to buy gifts and then you got to hurry to do your beautiful fun or cool wrapping.

Is near to Christmas and I am trying to change my habits, for the last few days I have been focused on finding presents. My inspiration for wrapping this year came from the art school for kids where I teach. Last spring we made over 400 watercolour flowers that we pinned up on the wall and it was absolutely spectacular.

They are absolutely beautiful but they were put away before the summer. Luckily I found them in a box about a week ago. It hit me then that they be perfect for name tags.


Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays

And I love wrapping and trying out something new every year.

Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays


Last minute wrapping idea. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysThis is the inspiration for the name tag flowers. They are all  made by kids from the art school in my home town.
navne lapp, Last minute wrapping idea. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysIMG_6224Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts, Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidaysLast minute wrapping idea Last minute wrapping idea, name tags for gifts. Last minute wrapping idea, Presents , gifts idea . Christmas , holidays

Have fun wrapping and Happy Holidays!

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blanc pizza white pizza , pizza blanca Hey there!  With christmas right around the corner, and most of us have to much do and hardly any time to cook, so today I have an incredible easy pizza recipe for you ! And, yes that’s right….. it is white.

It is my favourite pizza these days.
What I truly love about this pizza recipe is the unexpected flavours, rich smooth and the fennel seeds are the star ingredients.

What you need 

Pizza Base (I went to the BBC for find this recipe but if you are short of time you can also buy a ready-made base in the supermarket.)

  • creme fraiche 20 cl
  • 1 onion
  • 100 g mushrooms
  • 100 g bacon
  • black olives
  • olive oil
  • a pinch of fennel seeds
  • 125 g ball of mozzarella
  • a pinch of herbs de Provence

Preheat the oven to 220ºC/425ºF/gas 7

Peel and  chop the onion, then clean and slice the mushrooms, cut the bacon in to small bits (about 1 cm).

On to the pizza base, add a nice layer of creme fraiche spreading it all over stopping 1 cm from the edge. Drizzle with a little oil.

Tear the mozzarella into chunks and spread them on top, then put on the bacon, olives, mushroom and onion.  To finish, sprinkle over herbs de Provence and fennel seeds. (You maybe want to go easy with the fennel seeds the first time, to see if you like it). You maybe love some fresh oregano too, so feel free to use your favourites.

Cook for about 15 minutes or until golden, crispy and cooked through.

Serve with a crisp green salad.

White Pizza Pizza blanco

White Pizza Pizza blanco

Have a great weekend!

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10 Artist hacks

Hack Artist hacks

How to be creative.

“Art is theft”
“Good artists copy, great artists steal” – Picasso.
In art school we had a professor that said something like this: If you use one idea from someone else it is a copy, if you use three ideas from different artists and put them together your work becomes original.


Start by taking the serious humorously and humor seriously.

1)   Don’t comb your hair and make it look like a mess, maybe “bed head” is a good idea?
2)  Don’t clean your house.
3)  Talk before thinking.
4)  Colour your hair, (recently I finaly coloured some of mine pink, and I am so happy with it)
5)  Spend money on something you wanted for a long time and buy something you really want and can’t afford.
6)  Do silly things like… in public or just before for boarding in the airport lay down on the floor and draw something in your sketch book.
7)  Stay up and til 4 o´clook in the morning and do some artwork, poem, paintings ect.
8)  Dress up in weird clothes, It can be clothes with strong patterns, strong colours. A nice dress from the 1950`s and red shoes and make sure you end up looking cool.
9)  Meeting friends in a restaurant ask for food that makes other think of you as difficult ask for vegetarian food, or organic/ biodynamic food, without palm oil and of course free range chicken.
10)  Show up late and give an excuse that is something like: I felt like walking through the streets that is beautiful and romantic. 11) And of course steal ideas for your art work and sharing it with others.

Rose, hair Artist hack Artist hack

After Christmas I’m going to write more seriously about what I think Picasso meant by saying “Good artists copy, great artists steal”.  Then I will not be kidding and joking.

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Advent calendar


advent calendar DIY,https://magnyblog.wordpress.
Time flies and December is here again. The children are getting excited and we want to help them to count down to christmas.

I dont know exactly when it started but in Europe we have made advent calendars for our children for at least 100 years.

When my daughter was three, I made this advent calendar so that she would have something small to open every day. Now she is nearly 17 and she still loves it so much she won’t let me stop this tradition.

I love it too and I don`t want it so stop, but I know she will grow out of it very soon. I love that we still have this connection, I’m sure I’m not the first parent who is thinking the same.

What you need:

  • Printed collage sheet/Amazon
  • Cuttings from glossy magazines
  •  a wooden board
  • varnish
  • paint (I used brown, but it could be green or red for christmas)
  • 24 Curtain screws

I went to a carpenter to get the wooden board cut to the special shape that I wanted, but the shape is not the most important aspect.

Ones you have a board, this is how to turn it into an advent calendar.:

  1. Paint the wooden board (you can use hardware store swatches or left over paint).
  2. Choose the title and cut out letters from fashion magazines. (my title is “Angel Kids” in english)
  3.  Mark the place for the hooks for the 24 little gifts on the board
  4. Arrange and glue the numbers above each hook.
  5. Arrange and glue the letters of the title and the angel pictures above the hooks on the board.
  6. Varnish the whole board.
  7. Screw all of the 24 hooks into the board.

From the photo above you see that I made lots of small fabric bags to put the things in, It took ages to make them, but you can reuse them year after year. If you dont like sewing, just stick to paper for wrapping. And If you like to sew you probably know how to make small bags nice and cool. So I am dropping the tutorial for them for now.

Make the holiday season even more merry, Now you can wrap and pack 24 small, nice and even silly presents to hang on the hooks.

advent calendar DIY

advent calendar DIY

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