My new blog. I have moved my blog to a new site



I have moved my blog to a new site and refreshed the format and layout. It has been a lot of work and now I am very exited and I hope you will like it as much as this blog. For those of you that follow the blog by and got all of my posts straight into your mailbox, you now unfortunately have to subscribe again as a new regular follower.  But you will always find the blogposts in the newsfeed. And I will continue following all of you.

The fun thing that I am so proud of, Is that you can sign up a VIP member. for a free library of goodies. I have lots and lots of ideas for things I will add over the coming days. There will be various things in the library – from digital art prints to use in your home, worksheets, and (very very soon) the FREE Course “How to mix and match colour like a pro”, a great resources for all creative people– I hope you’ll find some awesome stuff that brings you further into your journey to be the artist you always wanted to be.
free courseDoodlewash and watercolor sketch by Magny Tjelta of palette of watercolor paints

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