Drawing Crocus 

Crocus -krokus, art work painting flowers

Spring is finally arriving in Norway. Today I went for my first walk in 2016 in the park near to where I live.

It is a lovely park which rins down both sides of a little river which flows from the hills into the big fjord in my town, Sandnes.

The park has lots of things to offer such as picnicking, hiking and nature study and yesterday it offerede me some Crocus. Their flowers appear in spring, autumn and winter, so I guess this must be cultivatedbut they are so beautiful I love them at any time of the year. The park was also full of Snowdrops (in Norway we call them Snowbells) and together with the crocus flowers it the first sign of plants pushing up through the last of the frost and snow to tell us that spring is really here.

The delicate green of the leaves and the crocus blue of the flowers are such a contrast to the gray melting snow. It is like a glow of warmth peeking above ground. It makes my heart sing with joy. We norwegians have survived the winter in our well insulated warm wooden houses, but the snow drops and crocuses survived in the ground and now are putting their heads up to greet the spring sunshine.

Well I’m sure you have all guessed by now – I just had to paint them.

I’m still working on my new blog/website. It takes so much work! sooooooo much time! and so much energy! It takes time to create a nice site to browse and enough interesting content and all of that. But I learn a lot and I love it.

Do you blog? How much time do you spend on your site and how much time do you spend on your art? I would love to compare notes with you. Please leave a comment, You know that I always love to hear from you. It gives me the energy and inspiration to keep going.




I you are going to Stavanger you find info about the park here




Yellow brick road

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27 thoughts on “Drawing Crocus 

  1. Congratulations Magny I am so happy to see you Featured from Charlie at Doodlewash I love his Blog and his Art and he is great! Yay!!! It was wonderful to read the feature so beautiful the way that art took you! Like I said other times you and me have many things in common! One is the fashion design, the love for sketching and the fact that me too I don’t stick only with one thing!!! Well my dear soul sister keep up with all your amazing and beautiful work! Much love to you! ❤ 😉


    1. ❤❤❤ Carolina ❤❤❤ I am so happy to be featured on Doodlewash, I love the blog, there are much inspiration and what a community. I am so honoured, it makes me very prone! Thank you for all the support you give me ❤ you are GREAT sister Carolina. L❤ve

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m arriving here from Doodlewash and am very happy to see such an interesting and creative blog. Your work is wonderful but what caught my eye at the top of the very first image was ‘my’ box with the tubes of paint on your table! Woah…what?! I have repurposed my beautiful Ladurée box exactly as you have. I am only in the early steps of my art journey and began a blog to record it but, as much as I love working on it, I need to spend more time on my art so I have stepped back a bit. At times it was easier to upload the photos and to write than to sit and draw or paint and I felt blogging was too much of a distraction. Hopefully one day soon I’ll get into my groove being more productive with pen and paint and I’ll get back to blogging on a regular basis with my photography and drawings.


    1. HI Lisa Bancroft
      That is… AWESOME! So awesome, the beautiful Ladurée box are inspiring and they can hold watercolours.
      I am so glad you enjoying the posts, thank you for your kind comments and for peaking in! Welcome to back. I will follow your blog and see what you are painting.
      Have a nice day


  3. So you’re working on build a new website/Blog? I remember that you said you had something in plan. I am soooo looking forward to see it!!! Btw to answer to your question…yes build a Blog takes a looots of time, of course it depend if you are customizing it with your own images design and content…I did! And I can tell you that mine took awhile to create it and customize it like it is now! It is always a work in progress to improve and adding content and write posts it takes time and dedication..but I love it! And it worth it! Best wishes to you Magny ❤


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