Paint, drink tea and eat pizza

art journal . bird eat pizza, drink tea, watercolour, how toSpring is finally here!

Many birds fly south for winter and when we hear then singing again it is a sign that spring is here.

I have been waiting for the birds to come back. I wonder where they went and the nature programs tell me that some of them went all the way to Africa. If I was to take an airplane at 500 miles per hour it would take me at least 6 hours to get to the nearest part, so it must take the birds several weeks to make the journey. I am always in awe of what the birds and the bugs and the animals can do.

I haven’t yet seen the summer birds (like the swift and the swallow and the cookoo). But in meanwhile, I went to Pinterest and found some pretty photos of two sweet sweet parakeets from the hot rain forests which I painted to feel warm inside.

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I been using some very good masking liquid for watercolours, soon I will have a post about how I did this paintings.

art journal , watercolour, how to paint art journal . flowers, hanami, sennlier watercolourhow to be creative , art journal

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17 thoughts on “Paint, drink tea and eat pizza

  1. Here in California Spring never ends it is most of the year ;-D beside the very hot months of Summer but in 13 years that I am living here I haven’t seen Winter I miss it! 😉 LOL I grow up having the 4 Seasons in Italy and as much I love the climate here sometime I miss the other 2 Seasons 😉
    Magny this is a very nice post about the birds, I love animals and your sketch is beautiful! ❤


  2. Lovely sketches and pages, …… and your blog is great. I hate to disappoint you but the parakeets, we call budgerigars here, are from the hot, dry inland of Australia. They are an amazing site when you see huge flocks of them but most often people see them in a cage.


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