My sweet valentine


My boyfriend knew that I get sad when I leave him, so to cheer me up and to remind me of him he did something lovely.

He got different paper and different coloured pens and wrote lovely little messages on the paper and cut them up and hid them everywhere. There was one in my travel documents so when I went to the ticket desk a little piece of paper fell out and it said “I love you”. there were some in my purse, in my train tickets, in my pockets, in the different parts of my luggage, in the book I was reading, in my money … and just everywhere. I was still sad to be leaving but he made it a happy sad. And I kept every one of these little pieces of paper. It took almost 2 months to find them all.

Then I had an Idea.  I went to the store and bought a picture frame, and arranged all the little bits of paper with their messages inside the frame and now I see it every day.

And for a valentine`s day present for him this year I painted some flowers he had given me. I am using watercolour, ink for the outlines and gouache for the background.


Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsValentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsCreativity valentinevalentine Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsoutput_LsRmWe

Valentine gift for him and her, watercolor tipsValentine love

8 thoughts on “My sweet valentine

  1. Oh my! ❤ Magny this is the sweetest idea ever! I love it and I know how is to be far away from your loved ones!!! About the little bites messages is something so beautiful. I can relate that with you because my "Dad" did it to me once in one of my parents trip visiting me here in US, after they left to go back to Italy I sarted to find all those beautiful little messages of every kind, love, advices, warnings, I found them in very unexpected places, just like you did it was my Dad left them for me! I was so surprised and touched by this that I kept all the one I found in a little box it is one of the sweetest thing he ever did! (btw my dad is a wonderful Artist ) I loved this post and I had to share this with you! ❤ I Love you Magny and have a wonderful and Happy Valentine's Day!!! ❤


    1. Ohh my, we have so much in common. It is obvious that your Dad wanted to be there to look after you, even after he was gone home. That is so beautiful.
      You must be my sisters or soul mates.

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    1. Yes!! I am going to keep him, LOL. Hands off!! yahoooo!
      He loves me yea, yea, yea!
      Today he gave me a huge bouquet of my favourite flowers, and I have been very happily painting them all day.I will post some of the paintings soon.

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