A secret sneak peek

fashion drawings

A secret sneak peek.

Some new ideas on how to be creative! I use my sketchbooks for different reasons at different times…. I told you before that breaking some rules can lead to creativity.

This time I was multitasking as I was sketching, I was in front of the TV watching “Jane the virgin” on Netflix (and by the way I have fallen in love with the show it makes me laugh out loud).
It brought me back in time to the days I did fashion design. and gave me some different ideas.

Fashion drawings like this should be fun and you should enjoy it!

Here are some tips for you to do fashion drawings.

Is this something you like to do? Do you like to getting started? Maybe this can help.

  • You can use Google to find some fashion models that you like and get your imagination flowing.
  • Think about the colours you will use. The most important thing is to have some fun. Some people will love the colours you choose, and others may not, but this is not for them! Just do this one for yourself.
  • Using the colours YOU love, will make it much more likely that you will be happy about it.
  • I always start by drawing a very light line using a pencil, and I prefer 2B. It is easy to make a mistake so have an eraser near by.
  • When you are happy with the sketch, make the lines darker and begin to paint.
  • And I am sure this can be a magical step on your artistic journey. Start with a first attempt and see where you end up. You have nothing to loose. If you dont like it, start again.
fashion drawing. 2016 fashion illustration fashion illustrationfashion illustration
fashion illustration. the best drawing
 If you would like a tutorial on sketching faces or bodies, let me know. I love to hear from you.  You can subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email, or follow on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Share the magic of creativity.

21 thoughts on “A secret sneak peek

      1. Yay! Magny I am happy that you’re here and when you answered to my question, I had the idea to write a a post about sketchbook 😉 I Knew you would like it!


  1. Hi Magny talking about Sketch Books I like to prompt a question here that will help others and inspire…You have beautiful sketch book! Do you have all your sketch books categorized and dedicated by subjects? Or do you just mix different subjects on each page? ❤


    1. Hi Carolina,

      What a great question! Sketch books are very important for developing skills, capturing ideas, trying out new things and lots more.
      Firstly I have to admit that, as an artist I am always looking for bargains, and when I see a sketch book at a good price, I can’t resist buying it. I don’t always know what I will do with it, but I always have several sketch books that I am working on at any one time.
      I always have one that is for “anything and everything”. I will pop this one in my bag if I am going out with no particular purpose.
      I have another that is to help me push my boundaries. It is for 15 minute sketches or paintings of whatever I happen to be looking at. I will use this one at a cafe, or sitting on a bench in the park or even while I’m sitting in the car waiting to pick up my daughter. It means that even the “taxi-mom” journeys can be productive.

      At the moment I also have one that is just for flowers, one for travels and holidays, one for faces and perhaps my favorite is my sketchbook for wishful thinking and dream holidays that was made from an old poetry book.

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      1. Thank you Magny for this beautiful answer to my question I see that we do pretty much the same thing! LoL I love to buy sketch book anytime like you and I have many! Every occasion or sale is good to get one more…lol ❤


  2. Wonderful its very useful and. I love your painting works. Its use full for knowing new things about art


  3. Wauw love your website and your work
    I just start mij website and i have a fan page on facebook love watercolord and drawing
    And i do art journaling and mixed media 😁

    Greets hanriette. (H-art)


  4. Hello Magny. I am following you with great interest.Would you do a tutorial on how you start the sketch and pass onto coloring? I guess i am struggling with coloring. Thank you for sharing this. I like your drawings a lot.


    1. HI Orge Basagac. Thanks for the comment I really appreciate your feedback. That is a good idea! I’ll try to do this very soon. Glad you enjoyed the post.


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