I love painting & sipping on my tea. 

tea ,Art Journal, watercolour


How to Draw & Paint with Ink and Watercolour.

Coffee is my thing, but once in a while there’s something magical about having a cup of tea …… in a beauuuuuutiful antique tea cup. Being an artist, my home can get a little messy.  Even still, I’m not afraid to bring you in to my home studio. Moments like this makes me feel relaxed and at ease……..Drawing is my favourite thing to do, so here I go again working in my SKETCHBOOK . I am  EXCITED to show you my brand new video.


India Ink , pèbèo
Speedball Plastic Penholder
Raphael Watercolor size #0 Quill Mop brush
Sennelier portable watercolor set (24 colours)

and find a beautiful antique cup.




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Is Coffee Your Cup of Tea?


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14 thoughts on “I love painting & sipping on my tea. 

  1. Lovely as always.
    a) your space does not look messy to me! It looks sweetly arty.
    b) let me add one more element to make it a trio of gorgeousness: I love painting, tea-sipping and SINGING.
    (obviously you can’t do the tea thing and the sing thing at the exact same moment)


  2. Excellent again. I love tea whilst writing… coffee is best used for painting with 😉

    I once had my 8-year old students create a collage from coffee finger-painting (obviously it was cold). It was basic stuff but looked pretty good. Wish I had photos of them…


  3. Magny I love coffe too but I also love tea and nothing can be better to sip it in an antique beautiful cup I love to collect them…. 🙂 I always had a thing for beautiful tea cups and tea pots. ❤ I always have tea or coffe whenever I create 😉 ❤
    I love all your videos you make them showing your artist talents so beautifully! Love you Magny ❤


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