Oslo APARTMENT , scandinavian vibes

Scandinavian vibes

It’s quite cold and gray outside today and it is typical for this time of year in Norway.
November is here and it is time to take some time off and travel to get some inspiration.

So I spent last weekend in Oslo to see my best friends from my student days. We visited some Art galleries and also visited my favorite art suply store for inspiration.

I stayed with my artist friend Gunn´s in her apartment for a few nights nights, she loves flea markets and her style is a vintage-modern mix.  (You probably saw her modelling the beach towels in my blog in July).

I love the perfect combination of art, objects, books, personal items and plants. Sure, because it’s VERY cozy.  Lets get in to the mood, here is what her apartment looks like

scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibesOslo APARTMENT

Drawing by kim hiorthøyscandinavian vibesthumb_IMG_8970_1024scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes

Staying in her apartment make me want to locate the nearest flea market and seriously spend all of my money.

Her lovely rooms just put me in to the relaxing mood. Everything is in a consistent color palette that makes it all feel intentional.

Oslo APARTMENTscandinavian vibes scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes scandinavian vibes scandinavian vibesi scandinavian vibes scandinavian vibes scandinavian vibesscandinavian vibesscandinavian vibes

God helg alle sammen.


  1. Thank You, Magny for these lovely impressions. The ” Wunderbäume” really made me smile. A friend of mine used to hang them in her car. She was always in the search for new scents.
    Take care.


  2. Very nice Magny! You make me miss Europe I was looking at the antique buildings in Oslo on the first photo they are beautiful and remind my my travelling time when I was walking in the Streets of Wien, Paris also in Napoli in Italy my native City there are beautiful buildings like that….Btw I love Flea Market too I have lots of fun when I go and often I found nice treasures! During this great weekend did you find the inspirations you were looking for?
    Love and hugs ❤


      1. Hi Magny that would be a great post I am looking forward to it! I don’t know when I would be back to visit Europe I hope someday….for now I have to draw and write it in my Journal like you suggested to have a dream journal 😉 ❤ Lots of love


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