Vintage Silk Scarf Top in 3 Minutes

diy silk scarf top  _Gucci Vintage

Hundreds of vintage silk scarfs.

As you know I have a collection of hundreds of vintage silk scarfs. I can’t seem to resist a beautiful silk scarf when I find them for a couple of dollars in a charity store. I have absolutely no idea how to make it look great around my neck, it always seems to be to much

So I have some projects to make a better use of them by upcycling them into something new.  Which this time takes just 3 minutes and there isn’t even anysewing.

You need a scarf and some nice ribbon, The scarf has to be lage enough to go around your waist.

 diy silk scarf top  _Gucci Vintage- tie a silk scarf to a top silk scarf Gucci Vintage

diy silk scarf top  _ Gucci Vintage

 Just perfect for going to and from the beach or the park.

15 thoughts on “Vintage Silk Scarf Top in 3 Minutes

  1. I love the idea Magny! And like you I loooove scarfs and I play with it also when they are big I wear them in different ways than usual! This is lovely and you look great! Btw on Facebook I saw you’re on a newspaper!!! That’s wonderful! ❤ lots of love ❤


    1. Hi !! Thank you for the compliment . Silk scarfs are sometimes like a piece of Art. ….. and I Love that you love it too! The article in the newspaper is about me teaching and that I am at the moment working on having my first online class soon !!! 🙂 So I am so exited I can hardly wait till I finish my work, so that I can share it with you all !!

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