Colouring escapism

coloring book for adults

You have probably noticed the new colouring trend already. You fill in colours in a black and white drawing. And as you do it, you relax have a wonderful meditation and it is a great anti stress for most of us.

It seems like every one is enchanted by its mindfulness. This also goes for those who can’t paint or draw. I guess this is for it remove the worries of the day and you can focus on a fun, simple and creative task.

I am fascinated that so many people love colouring, the first time I saw colouring pages I instantly wanted to make a book like this. Today I got two free coloring page that you can download, print and colour them in. Here you go: coloring book for adults pdf and here Is one more for you parrot coloring book for adults


coloring book for adults

coloring book for adults

Here are some tips

Don’t worry if you go over the lines! It will give more a life and all the colours will make a total finish. Colouring isn’t about the pursuit of perfection, it’s about making your mark and having fun. But if you make a mistake that you really dont like, just scribble or just draw an extra little outline, and carry on. I been using 100 Ibs (200g) Canson watercolour papir and my Sennelier watercolours. You can use coloured pencil, markers, pencil or whatever you like. Why not share your work on Facebook.

parrot, coloring book for adultscoloring book for adultscoloring book for adults


Social media is a great place to show off what you have drawn and tell your friends what pens or pencils you have used. I will be really happy if you share my blog so that your friends can download them too. If you colour and send photos of you work back to me.

Send it to


I do like to mention it,  but that these drawings are my art work and the drawings are for you only. They are not for sale, or can’t be used for profit commercially.


coloring book for adults

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17 thoughts on “Colouring escapism

  1. Delightful fun and still presents medium for creativity in coloring. One of my followers liked to get uncolored versions of my cartoons emailed for her granddaughter to color. I was so honored. Thanks visit my blog.


  2. Do they really have coloring books for adulds? I haven’ seen them in our bookstores, jet. As a kid I loved coloring the drawings in my story books. Of course, my mum was not very pleased about it.


    1. Hi.I will soon have the colouring pages online them for sale. I can understand that some don’t like it, I must admit that I don’t like children doing it. I seen that it is often used in kindergartens (it is for the teachers do not have the knowledge about art, been working in probably 30 different places, in a short period) and my opinion it makes them less creative. I been to a few places when they don’t let them use the pages, and there the children can draw the most fantastic art. But the thing is that kids love colouring……. so I don’t know…


      1. Dont’ get my wrong, I have no objections against coloring drawings. I only didn’t know that it was popular among adults.
        I really like your art work and wish you good luck in your future projekt.😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great idea. I, too, have noticed all these coloring books for adults in the bookstores. And recently they did a story on the news about it. I think it’s great for people who think they can’t draw to be able to color in and relax as they do it.

    Thank you for your two pdfs. How nice of you to do this.


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