Sketchbook, What To Do When You’re Bored?

art Journal

Summer is here and I am cold and bored, it is the coldest summer in 70 years!

I feel like doing nothing and now my sketchbook is rather neglected… this is all that I have done in a week.

art Journal art Journal art JournalArt Journal

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21 thoughts on “Sketchbook, What To Do When You’re Bored?

  1. You are having a cold summer? I am jealous. It is very hot and humid in NYC. We can swap for awhile if you’d like?

    Very cool sketchbook pages.


  2. Oh!!! You read my mind!
    Those days I wondering around here in California is hot! So not too easy to work, and I was looking at all my sketch books thinking to start one creating cute girls, just something like yours here ahaha…I used fashion design sketches which I love to do! But for now something fun to do and don’t get bored experimenting also new ways just like you do it is great! Looove your sketch book! ❤ you're amazing!


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