Make pretty little boxes

box DIY papir


Hi Everyone! Here is something fun I did with my left over paper. If you are going to a party an like to bring something unike, be creative and give a little box and putting in some lovely chocolate. This boxes are much easier to make than they look. Once you get the hang of it, a box will take less then 5 minutes to make.

To make a box, I use two pieces of left-over paper. I cut them into two perfectly squares. The paper for the box bottom needs to be little bit smaller. Usually it is only a less then a half centimeter.  To create a custom box experiment with the paper sizes. I recommend you practicing one time on printer paper before using your old (and nice) left over paper.
box DIY

box DIY

A mid-weight paper works best but my watercolours are on a quite thick paper often 200g. The lighter-weight papers like paper from advertising brochure or orgami paper can work well too. The heavier the paper is, the smaller the little box has to be. (so therefor experiment to get the perfect fit)

When you cutting out the paper, it’s worth taking the time to perfectly square up your right angles but don’t worry, I didn’t do this when I made this boxes. And they turn out just fine.

box DIY
How to make the box:

Fold all the 4 corners on the paper into the center. There is a video down below. 1box

2boxThe fold one side of the square into the center and do the same to the other site.3box
DIY box4box
Open up the paper and turn 90 degrees. Repeat to fold the opposite long edges to the center point.

9boxYour folded paper should look like this. The folding is now don! Now it’s time to cut, you need 4 cuts into the squares that you now see in the senter of the paper. Careful not to cut too long or too short. The important thing is that you now have two flips. Open up two of the corner that been cut that, the edges that are opposite each other.5box6box

Press the paper down and over the edge of the wall. The corner point should sit right in the middle of the box.7boxNow give it a nice, crisp shape.

8boxbox DIYbox DIYbox DIY


35 thoughts on “Make pretty little boxes

      1. Thank you Magny! If I make one I take a photo and post where I can link to you because you gave me the beautiful Idea! You know more I see your Art and I looove it! I am so happy that we connected! ❤


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