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Work in progress

I nearly always work from photographs and I find our relationship with the camera and our behaviour when we have our photo taken so interesting that I keep on working with this theme.

I am very interested in how photos can tell history.  You can tell when a photograph was taken: on one extreme the early photographs were very formal and posed, and now if you see a selfie, you know it is recent.
If you look you can see that they have slowly become less formal over the years. You can see some examples of my current work which based on photographs below.

accidental turist Drawing accidental turist Drawing
accidental turist Drawing

My big drawings are drawn in horizontal and vertical loops and swirls , like it is woven.accidental turist DrawingI am working on an exhibition in 2016, i will just show you some of my drawings in progress. This is how I work in my studio when I work in a big scale. I want the work to be life size “one to one” this is to get the feeling of real life.

I have to use a ladder to reach the upper parts.

accidental turist Drawing

This work is still in progress, so I haven’t prepared the project description, but if you have specific questions I will try to answer.

Tell me about the biggest or smallest work you ever did.




35 thoughts on “Sneak peek

  1. Beautiful and interesting drawings and techniques, I really love the big one, its really inspired me to go that size one day! Painting small is limited and bigger canvases are so much more exciting! Looking forward to following your blog, love all the creativity in it 🙂


  2. Your work is awesome! I love how you draw in loops and swirls! I really need to practice sketching more. There’s so much I want to do and so little time.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments and for peaking in! You don´t have to draw much, but if you can draw 15 minutes each day, you will see that you want to do more. Welcome to back!

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  3. I admire how beautiful those swirls and loops are! I’m no artist when it comes to drawing, but I did take a class many years ago, and your loops reminded me of day 1 when we worked on our control, repeating simple patterns like loops and waves. 🙂
    The big drawings look great already… To me, being able to visualize a big project and draw to scale is a pretty impressive ability. I barely manage to get a greeting card right when it comes to scale! 🙂


    1. It means a lot that you enjoyed it! Thank you, and you just gave me a good idea for an totorial. Drawing is something you can learn, maybe the important thing is to start at the right place.

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      1. I find it a lot of fun to teach art, and one of the reasons is the satisfaction in finding good exercises. Some tasks gives more confidence and the people are eager to continue.
        Over the years I have found some ways that will bring a whole bunch of students over the cliff, and it is just amazing to see that some practice will turn out so well for so many people at once. So I think there are good places to start. And I believe that building confidence is one of the keys? What do you think?

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      2. I feel like I’m still learning to draw, so I’m not sure I’m qualified to answer lol. But I do think confidence is probably the key to learning how to do most things. It’s good you’ve figured out how to teach art to people well. Lightbulb moments are great. It can be so frustrating when you want to be able to do something and you try and fail.

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  4. Great work! Thanks for sharing! You asked about the largest/smallest work your readers have done: I’ve done a 4 foot by 6 foot painting as a special commission for a public children’s center – and I’ve done a 2 inch by 2 inch special commission for a private collector. Isn’t it fun to work in a variety of sizes? Thanks again for sharing your good work!!

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